Magic Massage at 'Tween Waters on Captiva Island

By: Lauren Tjaden


It’s not what I expected.

In a Captiva Island getaway brimming with memorable moments – a sunset sailing cruise, intimate dinners, playing in the ocean – the one that stands out most in my mind is the couples massage Paul and I shared at The Spa at ‘Tween Waters.

It was my first real massage. I anticipated a relaxing rub, a little downtime and perhaps a bit of relief for some sensitive muscles, nothing more. I don’t know if it was the music of the trickling waterfall, the dimmed lights or Heather’s skilled hands. But magic happened.

Perhaps 20 minutes into the hour-long massage, vivid memories overwhelmed me. I thought of the horse that I owned when I was 12, of her silky muzzle pushing into my cheek and her grassy, outdoor smell. I thought of hang gliding far above the orange groves, how the edge of my glider’s sail glittered in the sun, how my arms and legs and body ached after the hours in the air, and how my heart sang.

I thought of the ocean lapping over my toes and of my husband surprising me with pearls and a million other things, how they smelled and felt and looked. It was almost as if I was actually reliving those moments.

Soon, tears were trickling into my towel, happy tears, for a life so full of wonder that I had forgotten much of it. It was – without any hyperbole – one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had.

Afterward, I wiped my eyes and tried to hide my tears, embarrassed by my unexpected emotions. But the ladies at the Spa told me that my reaction was not unusual, and that oftentimes releasing tension in muscles triggers old memories.

I don’t know if your reaction will be anything like mine, but I would urge you to try a massage on your next Florida trip. And, if you happen to be on Captiva Island, make sure to surf over to the Spa for a trip into paradise.

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