Ponce Inlet Video

By: Lauren Tjaden


What was our day trip to Ponce Inlet like?

My hubby Paul and I put the top down on my little convertible, cruised the beach and waved at cyclists with our cameras slung around our necks.  We drove by sea oats curling up out of the dunes and luxurious houses smack-dab by the ocean and took our pictures with the Ponce Lighthouse towering in the background.

We parked in the sand at the south end of the beach because the inlet stopped us from driving any farther. The beach was flat and shallow with soft sand that squeaked when we walked on it sometimes, and we tried to find bits that were squeakier than others.

Cownose rays, beautiful, peaceful creatures, glided through the shallows, flapping their grey bodies like wings. Surfers paddled furiously and caught waves, sometimes carving across the water and sometimes tumbling into it. Jet-skiers, fishermen and skim-boarders all pursued their versions of happiness, and we pursued ours, which meant a stroll on the boardwalk and a dip in the ocean and slathering on sunscreen.

Take a peek at my video!

How do you get to Ponce Inlet? Good question! It’s located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, just a splash south of Daytona Beach.

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