Driving ON Daytona Beach: A Video

By: Jill Martin


Ever driven ON the beach in Daytona? This is one of the few beaches in Florida that allows vehicles on the sand. Now, you can't drive fast or do doughnuts; there are rules! But you CAN drive parallel to the Atlantic Ocean, in the comfort of your car, and enjoy gorgeous views.

To drive on the beach you have to pay $5 per vehicle; you'll get a receipt that's valid the entire day. But mostly what you have to pay is ATTENTION as many beach-goers are not accustomed to watching out for cars as they walk across the sand. The experience is priceless.

This was our view (on a Saturday at noon during spring break!). Watch how fabulous! Perfect for families! Shot with my Kodak Zx1 pocket camcorder. Love it!

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