Boynton Beach Floats my Flip-Flops! Watch the Video!

By: Lauren Tjaden


Want to know what kind of beach floats my flip-flops?

First, the beach itself has to be the bomb. It should be generously wide, so you can stretch out on the sand without your beach towel brushing up against your neighbor’s. The bottom of the ocean should slope gradually – instead of falling away suddenly – and it should be shallow a long ways out.

The waves should provide a playground, not pummel you. The sand should be soft enough to make your toes smile. A lifeguard is a lovely addition.

The facilities are just as important. Parking should be ample, and it shouldn’t cost you a beach towel and a flip-flop. Restrooms, showers, a place to rinse the sand off of your feet and perhaps a picnic table in the shade make the day doubly delightful. And a snack bar is as sweet as the sun in springtime.

All of these reasons are why I give a tip of the beach towel to Boynton Beach’s OceanFront Park, just a splash north of Delray Beach. Snag a sneak-peek at this pristine Palm Beach County paradise!

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