Flagler College Athletes Recognized for Integrity

By: Sam Jordan


Excelling with Xs and Os is how you win in sports, but excelling at sportsmanship speaks more about winning in life. With that in mind, let's extend a hearty high five to the athletes of Flagler College in St. Augustine, as they've won the Peach Belt Conference Institution of the Year Sportsmanship of the Year Award!

This award goes to the institution that best exemplifies the spirit of sportsmanship and generally conducts themselves with a high degree of integrity, character, and class throughout the year. And what makes it even sweeter is the award is selected by other teams, so Flagler is being recognized by their peers for being standup young men and women. I'm guessing there aren't a ton of people who think of college sports when they visit America's oldest city, but knowing Flagler's athletes are a classy bunch makes me want to root for them that much more. 

If you're in St. Augustine, be sure to check out the Flagler campus. The buildings are works of art (Flagler was a luxury hotel before it was a college), and the campus is nestled among the many other historic sites downtown. I recommend parking on the side streets near Flagler, then checking out the campus as you stroll toward St. George Street. You might even see a volleyball game going on right in the middle of the campus.

For more on Flagler's recognition, click here.

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