Pensacola’s National Naval Aviation Museum Offers New Flight Simulator Fun

By: Lauren Tjaden


Attention, aviation addicts!

Two new, state-of-the-art MaxFlight Simulators have landed at The National Naval Aviation Museum, located on board NAS Pensacola

Kids and adults alike can soar into fun in the simulators. Take the controls and see what it’s like to be a pilot in these incredibly realistic machines. You can try:

·    Stunt flying
·    Air-to-air combat
·    Landing on an aircraft carrier

The simulators feature fully interactive 360-degree pitch and roll technology and 3D capabilities, so you can experience a multitude of flight scenarios in dozens of different aircraft. Simulators can accommodate up to two people, and the cost ranges from $15-$20 per ride.  

And get this! Admission to the museum is free – as in nada, zilch, nothing!

Another bonus point? If you crash, it doesn’t hurt. ;)

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