Flamboyant Pink Flamingos Cause A Stir in Sebastian on the Indian River Lagoon

By: Hilda Mitrani


Sebastian is a historic fishing town on the Indian River Lagoon whose residents love the quaint ambiance. One of them, artist Lisanne Monier Robinson, is collecting bejeweled flamingos with attitude. Make that ATTITUDE.

The flamboyant flamingos, all donated by friends, artists, clients and fellow business owners, are now causing a flap all around town. Lisanne tells me that the birds delight the young, and young at heart visiting Sebastian. (Sounds to me like they've bewitched the locals too.)

At last count, there were 82 with names like Flamin-geezer, Gold-fingo and Evil-flam-ego. These pinkos are flocking all over town and one is even roosting in a historic façade. In fact, Lisanne had them participating in a Flamingo Fools week around town in April.

There is certainly a history of birding in the ecologically-significant and beautiful Indian River Lagoon. In 1903, Pres. Theodore Roosevelt established the nearby Pelican Island as the United States' first National Wildlife Refuge after a campaign led by the American Ornithologist's Union and the Florida Audubon Society.

According to this online fact sheet, more than 130 species of birds are found on Pelican Island's 5,400-plus acres. Humans can hike the Centennial Trail or kayak around the island to view them.

I'm chasing down a rumor that one of Sebastian's flamingos is trying to stow away on the space shuttle Atlantis, scheduled to launch on July 8 from Cape Canaveral.

I'll let you know what I can sleuth out, but I certainly don't want to ruffle any feathers, if you know what I mean.

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