Daffodil Terrace At The Morse Museum


Last weekend I escaped the summer heat with a stroll through the new Laurelton Hall Wing in the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum. Located in Winter Park just outside of downtown Orlando, this area is known for its luxury shopping, dining and concentration of art galleries and museums.

My favorite of these is the Morse Museum, known to some locals as the Tiffany Museum as it's the largest collection of Tiffany glass and artwork from American artist Louis Comfort Tiffany. Here's a piece of trivia for you: Louis Comfort Tiffany is actually the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of famous jewelry store Tiffany & Co. I guess a keen eye for luxury and beautiful things runs in the family.

The Morse Museum's new Laurelton Hall exhibit displays artwork and architectural items rescued from Louis Comfort Tiffany's destroyed estate in Long Island, New York. The wing begins with the Daffodil Terrace, a glass room with sunlight filtering in from all angles just as it once did as an outdoor patio in his home. The rest of the Laurelton Hall wing walks you through various rooms of Tiffany's mansion including the living room, dining room and reception hall.

Here's what Morse Museum director, Laurence J. Ruggiero had to say, “The new galleries suggest aspects of the actual rooms designed and decorated by Tiffany during his lifetime. Visitors can no longer go to Laurelton Hall to appreciate Tiffany’s approach to design, but they can come to the Morse and, we hope, gain a more holistic sense of the man, his aesthetic and the power of his imagination.”

In addition to Laurelton Hall, the Chapel is a must-see. Catch a glimpse of it in the video above that I originally produced for the Travel Channel.

If You Go

  • Charles Hosmer Morse Museum, (407) 645-5311, www.morsemuseum.org
  • Admission is $5
  • Tip: During the Fall, Friday nights at the Morse are free. All visitors are admitted free 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays, November through April.

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