Artwork at the Florida Holocaust Museum Tells Stories of Courage, Hope and Bravery

By: Hilda Mitrani


At the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, art illuminates moving stories of courage, hope, bravery and despair. This fall, two interesting exhibits continue on display through Feb. 2011.

Resistance and Rescue - Photography of Judy Ellis Glickman tells a remarkable story about the flight of Jews out of Denmark to safety in Sweden during World War II. The bravery of a few overcomes the brutality of many in this must-see exhibit. It will be on view through Sun., Feb. 13, 2011.

Women of Ravensbrück: Portraits of Courage, the artwork of Julia Terwilliger, will tell the history of the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. This was the Nazi’s major camp for women, and fear and terror were the daily fare of its victims. The exhibit opens Nov. 14 and will be on view until Tues., Feb. 15, 2011.

Here the art is coupled with text and large wooden panels of mixed media and transfer images of the captive women, young and old, survivors and those who did not. Rare original artifacts from the camp, including a handmade recipe book and gifts secretly exchanged by the women, will be on display.

On Thurs., Dec. 16 at 6:30 p.m., guest lecturer Rochelle Saidel, director of Remember the Women Foundation, will present a Curator’s Talk followed by a reception. Please contact the Museum, 1-727-820-0100, ext. 236 for more information. 

The Florida Holocaust Museum is dedicated to teaching members of all races and cultures to recognize the inherent worth and dignity of human life in order to prevent future genocides.

It is a timeless lesson.


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