Best Way to Enjoy Florida Golf Vacation: Play Better Golf!

By: Tim McDonald


So I'm playing golf the other day at World Woods, one of the best courses in Florida, and the country for that matter. It's a perfect fall day, sunny and warm, and the course is in near-perfect condition.

What could be better? I'll tell you what could be better: my golf game. It hadn't been right for a year.

Golfers know what I'm talking about. You can be on the best course in the world, under perfect conditions, and yet all is not well. If your game is off, nothing can ever be perfect.

My partner is Jerry Heard, the former PGA Tour star and current owner of Silverthorn Country Club, where he also teaches the game.

Heard is one of those guys you just love to play with. I've always enjoyed playing with pros, but I've known some who pester you all through the round with tips and advice.

Heard didn't do that. He made one simple and subtle suggestion, almost an off-hand observation, and let it go at that. Yet this one simple piece of advice made a huge difference: I started hitting the ball like I used to back when I actually had a little game in me.

It got me thinking about what a great teacher can do for you.

It also got me thinking about all the great golf schools in Florida and how a golf school vacation could be one of the best ways to enjoy Florida golf.

Florida has a ton of golf schools, and some of the most famous teaching pros in the world, like David Leadbetter, Nick Faldo and others.

Here are some others to get you started if you want to improve your game and play some great courses at the same time:

- Florida Golf Schools Guide

- Faldo Institute

- Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at Saddlebrook

- Golf Made Simple

- David Leadbetter


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