Video & Picture Tuesday: A Day of Diving with The Breakers Palm Beach

By: Terry Ward


Scuba diving is one of my favorite hobbies. And while the Florida Keys get most of the attention for the sport, West Palm Beach is home to some of Florida's best diving, too. During a recent visit to The Breakers, the resort's Whitecaps Watersports team arranged a dive trip with Walker's Dive Charters to explore The Breakers Reef (right in front of the hotel) and the Blue Heron Bridge.

All I can say is WOW. I had no idea diving off Florida's east coast could be so incredible. We were still in sight of The Breakers while diving at The Breakers Reef, just a short ride off shore. And in the deep blue, crystal clear waters here we saw so many things finning over the waving soft coral fans and barrel sponges--everything from a gentle nurse shark to a loggerhead turtle, huge cobia and a waving green eel that swam through the coral like a birthday streamer.

Our next dive spot was the Blue Heron Bridge, famous around the world for its wealth of macro life (read: small, crazy critters). The video I've uploaded below is of a long arm octopus--the dive guide got the critter to grab onto a finger and come out of his burrow. Fascinating stuff! On that shallow dive (just 12 feet deep) we saw so many amazing things, including red lipped bat fish, perfectly camoflauged flounders, bumble bee shrimp hiding on star fish and schools of silvery Bermuda chub.

As I mentioned, Walker's Dive Charters is the preferred charter of The Breakers, one of Florida's very finest resorts. It's a real top notch operation--a shiny new boat (called The Wetter The Better), fresh pineapple served during your surface intervals, cold beverages, and a very knowledgeable captain and crew who have dived all over the world and know West Palm Beach like the back of their saltwater-pruned hands. If you're staying at The Breakers, the boat can pick you up right in front of hte hotel (otherwise, you can meet the boat at dock a short drive away).

Days do not get better than this! And if you don't dive, there's good news--you can arrange snorkel trips to The Breakers Reef, too!

Walker's Dive Charters


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