Springtime is Here - Get Out and Have Fun at a Florida Botanical Garden!

By: Kanika Jelks


Saturday marks the official start to spring. Springtime in Florida is beautiful and any day now you'll start to see and smell some of the many beautiful reasons I'm so happy to call Florida home. Here in Florida we have some of the finest flowers and plants in the coountry.

During this season of new beginnings, botanical gardens are great places to find entertainment during the day. Florida has lots of tropical gardens that provide peaceful respite from the hectic world all around them.

A few of my favorites are the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo, Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden in Coral Gables, Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville. While each of these gardens have their own special signature (Kanapaha has the largest bamboo garden in the Southeast United States) they all share a few wonderful things in common.

Every one of them offer a serenity that's hard to compare. They all include knowledgeable teams of staff and volunteers who are more than happy to share all they know about the Sunshine State's vegetation and all contribute to Florida's fast and ever-growing green factor.

While some faraway places are defined by a ballooning carbon footprint, Florida marks its place on the map with beautifully preserved and cared- for plants that improve our air quality in notable ways.

When you visit these gardens be sure to bring all your botany questions and prepare to relax, relate and release.  

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