Picture Tuesday: Early Morning Bliss at The Breakers Palm Beach

By: Terry Ward


As I type this, the morning sun is warming my face as it rises above a low line of fluffy silver clouds perched on the horizon. I'm sitting in my oceanfront room (room 4144 to be specific) at The Breakers in Palm Beach, which has won a place in my heart as one of my very favorite Florida resorts.

My mother, sister, niece and I drove here for a girls' weekend in Palm Beach. Our room makes me feel like I am at sea, peering over the edge of the balcony into the deep blue beyond and falling asleep to the rhythm of the crashing waves. It's my niece Avery's first beach trip (she just turned one month!), and she's sleeping better than ever to the tune of the rolling breakers.

This morning, I pulled myself from bed to stand on the balcony and watch the sunrise. A lone guest below on the beach practiced a sun salute (yoga) on the sand, and a pair of footprints were written into the soft sand by the waterline. I stood on the balcony and listened to the chirping of seagulls.

But mostly, it was the soothing roll of the breakers that met my ears -- determined waves rhythmically forging their way to the beach. Perhaps no hotel has ever been so aptly named!

I'll be blogging more about my mother-daughter-niece getaway to The Breakers soon, so stay tuned.

The Breakers

One S. County Rd., Palm Beach


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