Sarasota's Shore Line is Beautiful and Just Keeps Getting Better

By: Kanika Jelks


I promised more insight about all that's happening on Sarasota's Gulf Beaches and here's the scoop...

There is nothing quiet or unassuming about the Gulf of Mexico. Unapologetically, it demands your complete and comprehensive attention. As you approach this beautiful place, where Earth meets the Ocean, you'll find all your senses stunned by a serious show of superiority among nature's most precious beauties. Humility may hover on other shores, but here, our Gulf is all show and swagger, with plenty of substance to back it up. The sounds, scents, views - all amazing - and you'll quickly realize that your attention is a meager price to pay for the time you have in this piece of paradise.
In other words - our beaches are the bomb!

This weekend I found my entertainment along the unparalleled shore of Sarasota's Ritz-Carlton. A slice of Sarasota's finest, the exclusive beach club (that comes with time spent at the world-class resort) is breathtaking, and you'll find it hard to leave. The beach is beautiful. The sun sits like a sentinel over the sunbrella-dotted coastline; seabirds beckon visitors to come enjoy the warm water, and waves crash like cymbals to a continuous symphony of sounds that come from the sea.
Believe it or not, this Sarasota getaway gets better. Add some serious shopping to your beachside break with a trip through the swanky stores that make up St. Armand's Circle. Just minutes away from the Ritz Beach Club on Lido Key, you'll love the Lilly Pulitzer signature shop, Tommy Bahama restaurant and retailer and the cool resort wear offered in one-of-a-kind store Oh My Gauze.

There's even more great shopping in the same vicinity of the Ritz- Carlton Resort. Be sure to check out the sweet antique stores along the western end of Fruitville Road, and the local merchants and shop owners of downtown's Main Street (just minutes away) that carry everything from handmade soaps to specialty toys. Finally, cap off your shopping excursion with a bite at Mattison's restaurant. Also on Main Street, it's at Mattison's that you'll find the best cobb salad in the state! It is seriously that good!

Unbelievable salads, sunsets and surf are not the only wonderful finds you'll secure in Sarasota. Also prepare to find yourself super satisfied and happy with your time with us here in the Sunshine State.

Can't wait for you to see Sarasota for yourself! 

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