See Sex and the City in a Florida Hot Spot with Your Girls

By: Kanika Jelks


It's not too late to get "Carried" away! If you haven't seen Sex and the City 2, make plans to check it out as soon as possible. It's a must-see celebration of girls that'll make you happy on many fronts. The movie will make you laugh, feel glad to be a girl and make you so appreciate your girls!

I saw it with six of my favorite friends over Memorial Day weekend. We thought hanging out in the cool air of the movie theater was a fun alternative to sizzling in the sun on the holiday that officially kicks off summer.

We caught the flick at Cinebistro in Tampa's Hyde Park and it was a great choice! We did a little shopping before hand at Anthropologie, Brooks Brothers and Pottery Barn, then headed over to the theater thirty minutes before show time. We each enjoyed delicious drinks, fantastic food and a super fun movie.

Did I mention the best part of the day was that I was with my family? That's right; these six favorite friends are my sister and my cousins. I have only one super special sister, lots of cousins - more than 200 in all - and on this lazy little afternoon, a handful of us were able to get together like we used to do back in the day. We turned a sensational girls' day out into a fabulous family affair. We can't wait to do it again.

Grab your girls and go; you'll be glad you did! 


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