Exceptional Kids Program at Ritz-Carlton Naples

By: Jill Martin


I’m frequently asked about Kids Club programs and where the good ones can be found. Well, here is an outstanding one that I haven’t blogged about – it’s the Nature’s Wonders program at The Ritz-Carlton Resorts of Naples.

Kids five and up are in for an unforgettable treat at the Ritz-Carlton Naples because their Nature's Wonders program involves things like field trips, hands-on learning and discovery activities all based out of an amazing, grin-inducing learning center with aquariums, lizards and other fun kid-things.

For older kids and adults, they have a two-room space called "vue" (virtual user experience), which is the only in-hotel video gaming space that I know of. The walls are lined with flat screen TVs and sensor pads on the floor for Wii games, Guitar Hero and every other game or system you can think of. Just the sight of this venue is exciting! There are also several computers for gaming and surfing the internet, and a cool sitting area set up like a living room for a comfortable, at-home video game experience.

Okay moms and dads, close your eyes and imagine being pampered head-to-toe in a candlelit treatment room in their onsite spa. Or having a quiet lunch with your spouse on the sparkling Gulf of Mexico as the breeze gently blows. Where are your kids? They're living it up too, making new friends on nature walks, boat rides and tons of other fun planned activities (seven days a week)!

Who’ll have more fun? You’ll have to find out for yourself. Be sure to check their website for all their current specials and packages. You can view them right on their homepage on the right side.

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