In search of a one on one with Jordan at UCF

By: Sam Jordan


Your chances of playing a pickup game vs. Jordan just doubled in Orlando. Jeffrey Jordan recently announced he's attending the University of Central Florida, joining his brother Marcus Jordan there.  And yes, both young men are the sons of the greatest basketball player ever, Michael Jordan.

Jeffrey comes over after transferring from Illinois University, and due to NCAA rules, he has to sit out this season before playing with the Golden Knights next year, which will be his senior year. But hey, I went to UCF, and I recall playing in pickup games with several members of the men's basketball team, on and off campus.  You just look for the guys who are dunking and drilling NBA-distance 3-pointers, and call "next!". Sure, you'll likely get your shot blocked relentlessly, and your pride may have to be scraped up off the court, but maybe, just maybe, you'll find yourself scoring on one of Michael Jordan's sons.

Of course if you want to sit in the stands and chow down on hot dogs while watching the Jordans play (and checking for Papa Jordan in your section), that works too. Here's the official UCF story on their newest Jordan, with details on season tickets as well. I plan on checking out a Golden Knights game or two this year. Stay tuned!

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