Cool Family Fun at the Orlando Watersports Complex

By: Lauren Tjaden


 It's so hot, today I saw a chicken lay a fried egg.

Okay, it’s an old joke – and not even a very good one – but the Sunshine State is indeed steamy in July. A little bit of water makes the days a lot more enjoyable, and if you’re in the Orlando area, I have an idea for some cool family-fun you may not have heard about.

Just splash on over to the Orlando Watersports Complex where you can:

·    Wakeboard
·    Wakeskate
·    Waterski
·    Kneeboard

OWC features two lakes with cable systems, plus a lake for boating. One lake is for novices. You can be a first-timer and still have an experience as fine as a Florida morning. You may wipe out a few times and  your arms may be singing the blues the next day, but the wipeouts don’t hurt (much) and the learning curve is steep.

The second lake is called the “slider park.” It features awe-inspiring obstacles called “sliders and kickers.” You can awe at the advanced wakeboarders perform stunts while you eat lunch – or join them, if you’re a hotshot.

If you didn’t pack your wakeboard, no worries! You can rent everything you need. OWC offers instruction and camps, plus they host great events.

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