Boynton Beach's Art in Public Places Adds Graffiti to the Mix

By: Kanika Jelks


Boynton Beach's Art in Public Places program is a fantastic example of all that is so very cool about the Sunshine State. This beautiful city on the state's East Coast keeps things lively with public art commissioned by some of the area's most accomplished and interesting artists.

The art is integrated into the city's landscape, architecture and virtually all around'll find yourself lost in the whimsy and wonder of it all -- an escape within your vacation escape.

And, now you can get in on the action and artistic vibe with a close-up look at the city's newest installation, a graffiti mural of cool blues, deep purples and earthy greens. A lovely lady singing the blues accompanied by great jazz musicians so vividly painted that you can almost hear them.

Originally scheduled for last December, rain and the hustle of the holidays dampened the planned celebration. So now we'll have to celebrate the art we love with a pre-Valentine's Day shindig.

I hope you can make it on Feb. 4 from 5-7 p.m. at Sara Sims Park, 209 NW Court - center stage in this arts loving city. There'll be entertainment, some goodies to munch on and a well-deserved celebration of Boynton Beach's next step in its artful journey.

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