10 Ways to Water

By: Idoia Gorosabel Gkikas

Whether it’s above, on top of or below the water, Florida has a water sport for you.

Wind Surfing

Stick a sail on a surfboard, and you have windsurfing, a surface-water sport with an intense following.
Take a lesson at most beaches including Tampa, Miami, Destin and Merritt Island (east of Orlando).

Water Skiing

Forget the embarrassing videos you’ve seen. With some decent lessons, you can experience this
made-for-Florida, skiing-on-water sport. Orlando Watersports Complex is one of the most well-known spots for classes, camps and schools.


No experience needed for this sport – but you’ll still get an energizing thrill. Strap in, hold on and fly high above the shore for unbeatable views for a fraction of the cost of a helicopter ride. Find it at most major beaches.


It’s hard to find a place in Florida without kayaking. More than 90 of the 161 state parks offer this budget-friendly water sport. Just rent a kayak, and make it as relaxing or adventurous as you want. You can even bring the kids. 


If you don’t associate Florida with surfing, it’s because you’ve never heard of Sebastian Inlet, a.k.a. “The Inlet.” Consistent surf attracts experienced riders here. Just learning? Cocoa Beach has lessons and the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop. 


You Only Live Once-ing, in case you wondered what the name for this stand-up paddleboarding sport meant. Based out of Northwest Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach, Yoloing is gaining popularity. Great for people who enjoy cycling, paddling or other rhythmic activities. 

Kite Surfing

Parachute + surfboard = kite surfing. Also known as kite boarding, this water sport calls for a surfer’s attitude, an acrobat’s stamina and a hang glider’s nerve. Definitely get instruction if you're going to try it, but it’s equally impressive as a spectator sport.

Jet Skiing

It’s Florida’s answer to the snowmobile. The state’s countless waterways make Jet Skiing as common as riding a bike. You can find Jet Ski rentals at many beaches and lakes. Be aware of no-wake zones in sealife-rich areas.


One of the most accessible water sports, snorkeling lets you enjoy Florida’s rare reefs, tropical fish and cozy-warm water without a major commitment. Equipment is inexpensive, and no lessons are needed.

Scuba Diving

In Florida, the underwater world is as exciting as anything on shore. Experienced divers will find famous wrecks, including the USS Oriskany, all along the coasts. Beginners can try an outfitter like Holiday Isle Dive Shop in Islamorada to experience scuba without certification.

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