Cell Phones and Podcasts Let You Tour Florida on Demand

By: Dalia Colon


A cell phone and mp3 player are a Smart Traveler's best friends. I load up on audio books so I don't have to weigh down my luggage with hard copies. I text "just landed" to whoever's waiting for me at the airport. I rely on the built-in GPS so I don't miss my turn... or the nearest Chick-fil-A.

Now here's one more reason to love your gadgets: Many cities and attractions now offer self-guided tours that you can dial or download. They're convenient, you can go at your own pace, and you never have to tip your tour guide. Now that's smart.

Here are some audio tours to check out:

Miami Leave it to Florida's hippest city to have one hip zoo tour. Miami Metrozoo offers 52 video podcasts taylored to the ehxibits. You could go back every week for a year!

Gainesville A free call becomes your passport to nature preserves, historic sites and more.

Everglades Explore Everglades National Park from the comfort of your car with these downloadable audio tracks.

Tampa Local poet laureate James Tokley narrates a podcast tour of Ybor City, a lively district known for equal parts culture and partying.

West Palm Beach Check out the Dinotopia exhibit at Norton Museum of Art before Sept. 5, and you'll have a legitimate reason to leave your cell phone on in a museum.

Jacksonville Slated to go live in September, this cell phone tour will give you the lowdown on 45 sites along a 72-mile stretch of highway A1A.

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