Florida's Film Festivals Are Among the Nation's Best!

By: Kanika Jelks


It's show time in Florida! The season of film festivals is here and in a very big way! Some consider the Sunshine State Hollywood East, thanks to the huge demand and generous supply of interest in the film industry. Not only are many major blockbuster movies made here on our beautiful beaches, at our historic landmarks and in the midst of our chic social scenes, but local and independent filmmakers have long thought of Florida as a cool haven for that perfect shot.

You can catch all the best these filmmakers have to offer at our many film festivals that happen throughout the state. Since the early part of the year, film festivals are scheduled just about every weekend in a Florida city. The Miami International, Sarasota and Amelia Island Film Festivals already happened a little earlier in the year. Both were fabulous fun that left little on the cutting room floor.

Next up on the calendar is the Palm Beach International Film Festival. This is an amazing event that brings out film lovers from all over the globe. From April 22-26, Palm Beach will be converted into a celebrity paradise with dozens of events and screenings. Be sure to check out the Opening Night Party. The opening film's seats are already sold out (they are snapped up super quickly), but there's an after-party on the rooftop of Worthing Place in Delray Beach that's sure to set the tone for great celebration throughout the whole festival.

If you can't make it out to the Palm Beach International Film Festival, then mark your calendar for the Clearwater Film Festival. It comes a little later in the year (Sept. 29-Oct. 3) and gives you plenty of time to plan. And, believe me, you’ll definitely want to plan to be at this festival from beginning to end. The lineup of films is always fantastic and the venues, always memorable and fun. 

Here’s the Governor’s Office on Film & Entertainment’s listing of film festivals throughout the state. Be sure to check them all out online and then in person. With you there, the stars will really shine!

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