SeaWorld Orlando's Thrill Rides

By: Sammy Mack

Shamu is great, but for more adventure, try SeaWorld's roller coasters.

While most parks have coasters and classic water flume rides, SeaWorld Orlando has Journey to Atlantis®, the first ride to combine both.

You'll sit in something that looks like a boat, but it's actually a roller coaster car on a submerged track. After a short ride through the lost city of Atlantis, you'll go screaming down a 60-foot, near-vertical flume. Just when you think the ride is over, your boat suddenly flies through a twisting, turning coaster track inside a cavern where you get soaked even more than by the flume.

SeaWorld also boasts Kraken®, billed as the tallest, longest, fastest and only floorless coaster in Orlando. After climbing 15 stories in the air, the devilish Kraken® sends you spiraling to earth at close to 65 miles per hour, feet dangling and head spinning.

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