Thrill Rides at Disney's Hollywood Studios and The Magic Kingdom

By: Sammy Mack

Beyond Main Street and the teacups, Disney has some thrilling rides for adventurous types.

You’ll discover stomach-turning free falls at Disney's Hollywood Studios appropriately named Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™. This wild elevator ride through the Hollywood Tower Hotel is like spending 10 minutes inside the nightmares of Twilight Zone host Rod Serling.

The car climbs higher and higher in the creepy hotel through a maze of elevator shafts and hallways, building your anxiety before the inevitable drop. Everyone lets out a scream as you plummet 13 stories, bounced up and then shoot down the shaft again.

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, you don't have to be a groupie to get a limo ride with Aerosmith. On the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith®, you’ll hop into a coaster car made to look like a stretch-limo. The limo peels out to 60 mph in a mere 2.8 seconds. You’ll be whisked away on an indoor, black-lit coaster that will have you looping through the "O" of the Hollywood sign and flying past famous rock venues.

As if the corkscrew and two rollover loops aren't enough to convince you it’s a rocking ride, each seat has its own speakers that play Aerosmith tunes, including "Love in an Elevator" reworked as "Love in a Roller Coaster."

Once you regain your balance, head off to Disney's Magic Kingdom to experience the famous Space Mountain®.

For people who dream about flying or falling, Space Mountain is a dream come true. Though the ride itself lasts only a matter of seconds, the adrenaline it induces will make you feel as if you’ve spent a lifetime orbiting the 183-foot-tall Space Mountain® at turbo speed. Stars and planets, the only lights on this indoor coaster, whiz by so fast and close, you’ll think you’re going at least 50 mph – but the ride actually tops out at 28 mph.

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