Big Coasters at Universal's Islands of Adventure

By: Sammy Mack

Scream your way through some of the biggest and most thrilling coasters at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

The first ride on the list of must-screams at Universal's Islands of Adventure is The Incredible Hulk Coaster®. Located in the Marvel Super Hero Island®, one of the park's seven themed islands, the Incredible Hulk coaster features a giant, twisting track of steel painted green.

In a matter of two seconds, you go from 0 to 40 mph, and don’t take a break until the coaster car is docked at the other end. It’s two minutes and fifteen seconds of vertical loops and cobra rolls. It's no wonder riders can't stop coming back for more.

Dragon Challenge® is another outstanding coaster at Islands of Adventure. Dragon Challenge features two intertwined, inverted coasters that each serve up a different, high-speed experience for adrenaline lovers. The many thrills include a zero-G roll and a 70-degree loop spiral.

Islands of Adventure is also home to The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man®, a ride that relies on simulation rather than raw speed and height to conjure screams. Combining 3D animation with a moving car and gigantic sets, Spiderman is a full-sensory assault. When 3D villains jump on your car, it dips as though weighted down where they stand. While an animated, watery villain hovers above, water drips on your face and arms. The highlight is a "sensory drop" that makes you feel as if you were falling 400 feet at incredible speed.

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