City Profile: Branford


Scuba diving adventures at their finest. Branford offers cave diving in some of the world's largest underground waterways.

Billed as the "Cave-Diving Capital of the World," Branford boasts some of the world's largest networks of underground waterways. Diving adventurers and enthusiasts come from all over to experience the crystal clear water of area springs.

For the more subdued natural experience, Branford is surrounded by five major rivers and numerous lakes that offer a watersports playground for canoeing, kayaking, fishing and swimming. After some time on the water, visitors can make their way to land and observe a variety of wildlife including deer, otter, alligators and beavers along the area's many nature trails. Camping in the "Original Florida" of the Suwannee River Valley completes the outdoor experience.

Branford highlights its natural resources with a countywide conservation and awareness program that provides biking, hiking, boating and sightseeing routes through the area's landscape. Guided tours of local farms offer visitors a look at the primary industry of Suwannee County, including the planting and harvesting of crops such as tobacco, cotton, peanuts and vegetables.

The town hosts its annual Fourth of July extravaganza with what is probably the only duck race in the United States. With the Suwannee River on three sides and a tucked-away town in the middle, a relaxing canoe trip, a dip in the springs or a bite to eat are never more than a few minutes away.

After a long day exploring the untamed side of Florida, visitors can look forward to some old-fashioned southern charm and hospitality. With an abundance of community activities and cozy local businesses, visitors are invited to experience the warmth of north central Florida.

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