City Profile: Jensen Beach


Everyone is welcome to the former Pineapple Capital of the World, Jensen Beach.

In 1895, so many pineapples were grown in Jensen Beach that it was called the "Pineapple Capital of the World." Today, the legacy of this tropical fruit lives on; the pineapple has become a symbol of this charming village.

Appropriately, the pineapple is also a symbol of hospitality, and Jensen Beach has lived up to this hallmark. The friendly residents and relaxing environment quickly make any visitor feel right at home. It is easy to see why the area, which includes neighbor Hutchinson Island with its miles of unspoiled beaches, has been a popular vacation destination for almost a century.

With its major shopping centers, numerous specialty stores and unusual boutiques, the area is renowned as a retail shopping center of the Treasure Coast. Jensen Beach has also earned a reputation for its fine dining, with seafood being the main bill of fare.

The water enthusiast will find the area a paradise, with boating, sailing, skiing and surfing all popular activities. Scuba divers can explore shipwrecks and artificial reefs just offshore, while those wishing to stay above water will find opportunities for fishing plentiful.

For an appreciation of the maritime heritage of the region, House of Refuge at Gilbert's Bar on Hutchinson Island contains marine artifacts, lifesaving equipment and historical exhibits. Built in 1875 and the oldest standing structure in Martin County, the museum formerly served as a rescue and refuge center for shipwrecked sailors.

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